clay_cinchinA Spiritual Journey

In 1980, after moving to Arizona, Clay received a phone call from his father who wanted to speak with him. The next night the elder Cooper talked to his son about God, salvation and shared scripture from the Bible. Clay immediately believed and received this message. However, at the time he was on his own and traveling with a crowd that was a little wild. God wouldn’t fully change his life for another six years.

A few years later Clay had started “buddying” (traveling) with elder cowboys, Allen Bach and Jimmie Cooper. During an all night drive Bach initiated Bible study. Clay knew he had made an earlier commitment to God and had not acted on it. It was during this session that Clay drew the line that changed his life.

clay_leadinghorseWinning his first world title in 1985 was the completion of an important goal and task for Clay. World champions don’t receive their gold buckles immediately because the buckles are made with their names on them. When Clay received his buckle, he realized that God had orchestrated this world championship title and with it came a large responsibility. Knowing he did not do it alone and realizing it was for a greater purpose, Clay became determined to be worthy of his status.

Clay readily admits it’s been a journey of many ups and downs with much learned through mistakes. Yet he has remained committed to be the person God wanted him to be. Through filling that role, he has enjoyed many wonderful experiences and developed lasting relationships over the last twenty-three years. He is constantly amazed at God’s work and His blessings. One great lesson Clay shares is that you don’t have to be perfect to receive God, just be willing to admit your mistakes.